Celeste Najt – Future Expectations, Everlasting Nostalgia

Strolling through the city, recalling all the scenes you’ve kept from those times, now so behind. Small moments refreshing the intensity of those images, that feel at times to be evaporating. This is an exhibition made of works containing traces of past, present and future. It is about the common yearning we have all experienced, -part of our everyday lives- that is often the motor driving us to an understanding current situations through our lived experiences.

Celeste Najt is an artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her art passion began at the primary school, where the art class represented a moment of calm and elevation. At the age of 16 she started to do mixed media collage as an everyday exercise, materializing her feelings.
She has a degree in Photography (Escuela de Fotografía Creativa) and she has also studied Art at the National University Institute of Art (IUNA) for several years. So far her works were exhibited in Buenos Aires, Berlin, Miami, New York, Carlisle (UK), Amsterdam, Amersfoort, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Umeà, Zurich, Bergen, Stavanger, Oslo and Helsinki. In the year 2007 she opened the art gallery El tigre Celeste in Buenos Aires, in order to promote emerging art and provide her work with an appropriate exhibition framework.

Nowadays Celeste lives between Europe and her hometown, following the path of her creative improvement and working everyday in tune her perception with present lifetime. The main intention of her work is to embrace a reflection of reality by the combination of different natures, different art techniques, different feelings and different ideological conceptions. Looking for inspiration in landscapes, people, and those unrepeatable fragments of time, in which everything seems to be perfectly engaged, or in those in which complexity seems to be unavoidable. As a result, she makes combinations inviting the viewer to bring some of her visions into their worlds.

About the exhibition

The series of works to be presented at Okazi are the result of experiences from the past, present feelings and thoughts about the future. Wood sculptures, collages and paintings on canvas telling stories through layers of unexpected shapes, hidden phrases and mystery. I will be presenting 3 canvases of 70×70 cm, 3 of 40×40 cm and 1 of 20×30 cm. In most of them I have been using pieces of maps from Germany, details of antique German magazines and painting. I´m still working on the wood sculptures, but I can say that Im also using maps from Germany and the world to wrap them up.This will be the 4th exhibition Im doing this year, each of them had happened in a different country and I’m particularly interested in use material related to the place in which the exhibition will happen.